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About Us

About Us

We are longtime friends who recently embarked on this exciting business venture together. We were each born and raised in other parts of Mexico(and have traveled, lived and worked in many other places)but have long-standing family connections in Bacalar.

We formed this business because we kept meeting people who were falling in love with Bacalar and unsure how to navigate the local real estate market, where there are many “sevende” signs but no multiple listing service (MLS). We also kept hearing from friends and colleagues who had property to sell and didn’t know where to turn—or weren’t happy with their current representation. Like magic, a vision and opportunity presented itself.


Our Story

Through our own journeys of finding and acquiring properties, starting businesses, establishingAirbnbs, and more, we have learned so much about buying, selling and investing here—and felt we could use that experience to be of service to others. As passionate entrepreneurs with business backgrounds who are also fluent in English, we understand cultural differences, and we know what to look for—and what to avoid—in this market.We also have deep connections to experts in law, finance, construction, hospitality and more who can help bring ideas to life.We see the potential for this area to become a shining beacon of environmentally sensitive and sustainable development...attracting people who want to live and work in a spectacular and sacred place that values relationships, nature, community, healing and wellbeing. We have exclusive listings of some of Bacalar’s best properties because our clients like us and trust us to get the job done. We serve buyers from all over the world by dedicating time to listening, educating and making the best match—and completing transactions as efficiently as possible.We have realized our own dreams by making this beautiful place our home and raising our young families here. Please allow us to help you make your dream come true

Our Beliefs &Principles


We believe in the power of concentrated intention and effort. We direct our full resources and energies toward our clients and their goals.


We believe in acting with integrity in every situation—being unwaveringly honest, reliable and transparent


We believe that there is a natural rhythm to everything.Werely onserendipity, energy andmomentumto keepprojects and dealsmoving forward


We believe in the power of concentrated intention and effort. We direct our full resources and energies toward our clients and their goals.


We believe in doing everything we can to honor our clients’ wishes and timelines. We happily collaborate and embrace new tools to get things done quickly.


We believe that we can be joyful and productive at the same time. We aim to bring positive energy to every situation and transaction

My experience with Bacalar Dreams couldn't have been smoother. Claudia is kind, generous and gracious. This was less like a typical business transaction than working with a dear friend who was looking out for my needs. I have been very happy through the entire process.



Thank you for your interest! 

We would love to hear from you. We are here to help make your dreams come true. If you’re looking for your dream home, a new business venture or a compelling investment opportunity, please reach out. And if you’re a property owner looking for exceptional representation AND results, let’s talk.


Thanks for submitting!

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